Role of Massage in Medicine

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Massage does play an all important part in medicine. But there are a number of medical professionals who doesn’t agree with this. Having all the kinks and knots worked out is much more than just mere pampering. It is all about improving the general health and assisting one to feel better, both physically and emotionally.

One cannot term relaxation to be a form of luxury. As far as emotional health is concerned, massage-inducing relaxation is actually quite good. It helps in reducing the stress and improving one’s well-being. Also, while one is letting go of their troubles to melt away, they are experiencing pain relief simultaneously. Therapy sessions on a regular basis can be of great help to those who are suffering from neck pain, back pain and muscle tension that one generally associates with a desk job.

Over the last few decades, numerous studies have exhibited that certain health benefits can be a direct result of massage therapy. Massage helps in reducing the symptoms such as asthma and carpal tunnel and has long been linked with improving the immune function in women diagnosed with breast cancer. Also, it also quite a known fact that therapy performed on premature infants increases their chances of gaining weight.

Nowadays, even big names from the medical world consider massage to be a part of medicine in the treatment of back pain. Such an acknowledgement is massive for those who are associated with this craft. Also, this might help in lessening the stigma of this being a “luxury” and labelled as a thing for the richer section of the society. With every passing day, researches are showing that this mode of treatment holds great importance in maintaining good health. One such study revealed that those who received massage once for ten weeks consistently reported lesser pain than the ones who failed to receive any kind of massages. On top of that, many of them reported that the benefits lasted up to 9 months before making an appointment for the next treatment session.

It has been known for ages that stress relief is important for health. Thus, one can safely say that the “thing” that helps in reducing the stress is beneficial by default. A large number of doctors nowadays are recommending their patients to undergo therapy sessions to sort out major problems. From anxiety to pain to depression, massage plays a vital role in dealing with issues both physical and mental. Now, one must discuss with their doctors of what they personally think about this mode of therapy.

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